A Professional, Compassionate Special Education Lawyer That Helps Children With Special Needs From and Around Round Rock, TX

Fight for your child’s rights! The Gallini Firm works with parents of special needs children who feel they were wrongly discriminated against. Our special education attorney can help assess the facts of the situation, review the laws protecting your children, and even represent your child in court. Do not hesitate to reach out to us. We primarily cater to special needs children from and around Round Rock, TX. 

A Special Education Advocate Whose Primary Concern Is the Child’s Well-Being

The Gallini Firm works with parents who have children with special needs. We can help educate parents on their child’s rights, what laws protect special needs children, and how to push through with a lawsuit in case any of their child’s rights are violated.  

Section 504 


Section 504 prohibits discrimination against disability. This means schools, groups, or even individuals cannot prevent someone with special needs from participating in programs or activities solely because they won’t be able to perform as well as the rest. Everyone deserves equal chances. 

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Consult With a Trusted Special Education xLawyer Today

What sets The Gallini Firm apart from any other firm in the area is our undying passion and unparalleled commitment. We are special education advocateof protecting children with special needs. At the core of our services is our firm belief that every child, whether they have special needs or not, deserves the right to live a happy life free of discrimination and judgment. 


Also, all legal consultations and representations provided by The Gallini Firm are conducted in conjunction with our sister company, Gallini Group, LLC. The Gallini Group, LLC focuses on providing special education to children from Alabama, New Mexico, Nevada, Tennessee, and Georgia. For consultation and appointments with our special education attorney, you can reach us at (817) 303-2820. 

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